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Wide Range of Insurance Plans in Vancouver

Whether you plan to invest in travel insurance or wish to secure your business with a business insurance plan, we are here to help. Multiple Insurance Services is a well-established insurance company providing a wide range of insurance plans such as home, life, health insurance and more. We serve customers in Vancouver, around the Lower Mainland and surrounding cities of British Columbia. Get in touch with us now to know more about our insurance plans; we will be happy to help you with all your needs.

Wide Range of Insurance Plans

We believe in insurance for all cases because losses don’t come invited. Whether you’ve bought a new vehicle or have bought a home, we have a suitable insurance plan for you. Take a look at our host of insurance plans specialized for different situations that you can choose from:

Habitational Insurance

Habitational insurance will make sure that your home is safe and secure. It offers you coverage against burglary, theft, natural calamities and any other damages. We offer a range of habitual insurances to choose from, including:

Rental insurance

You can rely on us to offer the rental insurance you need as a landlord.

Home Insurance

This insurance plan offers you coverage for your home and its contents and members of your family.

Tenants insurance

This insurance offers coverage for contents and liabilities for the rented property.


Common property such as car parking, stairwells, lifts, common floors and ceilings can be protected better with our strata insurance.

Condo Insurance

Our condo insurance helps protect you against interior property losses and repair costs.

Business Insurance

Business insurance plans offer coverage for property damage, legal liability and other employee-related risks. You can rely on us to offer affordable and reliable business insurance solutions.

Liability insurance

We have many liability insurance plans offered, including personal liability, commercial liability and more.

Realty insurance

We offer business property insurance plans. This provides you protection against fire, theft and weather damage.

Automobile Insurance

At Multiple Insurance Services, we offer automobile insurance plans. Our insurance plans will help you protect your most valuable assets against accidents and repair costs.

ICBC insurance

We provide ICBC plans, this can provide you with coverage against third-party liability.

Private auto insurance

If you own a private car, it is important to have private auto insurance. We offer a range of private auto insurance solutions.

AutoPlan Insurance

We can help you with the required insurance to have on your vehicle in British Columbia.

Fleet insurance

We offer fleet insurance plans. Our motor fleet insurance covers both small and large fleets of commercial vehicle

Health Insurance

Hospitalization and illness can cost you a fortune. Ensure that your health is taken care of with our health insurance plans. We offer a range of health insurance plans at affordable prices

Group insurance

If you are part of an employee group and are looking for group insurance, look no further and reach out to us. We offer group insurance plans.

Individuals insurance

You can also rely on our team to provide individual health insurance solutions.

Travel Insurance

Make sure that you enjoy your holidays without having to worry about loss of luggage, flight delays or medical emergencies with our travel insurance plans. We offer a range of travel insurance solutions to suit your requirements.

General Liability Insurance

Ensure your family is financially safe and secure after you are gone with our life insurance plans. We provide a range of life insurance solutions with fantastic coverage.

Other Types Insurance

We'll help you understand the choices to be made and the products available to help build a financial security plan to achieve your insurance goals.

Marine and boat insurance

If you own a boat or a yacht and are in need of insurance plans, we have got you covered.

RV and ATV insurance

Our team also offers RV and ATV insurance plans that cover you against accidents and risks.

Insurance Plans That Fit Your Budget
Multiple Insurance Services offers a range of flexible insurance plans with extra coverage.
Habitational Insurance Plans
Multiple Insurance Services offers insurance plans for homeowners as well as tenants.
Commercial Insurance Policies
Looking for commercial insurance plans? Multiple Insurance Services can help.
Automobile Insurance Solutions
Get your vehicle covered by choosing from our range of automobile insurance plans.
Health Insurance Plans
Our team offers a range of health insurance plans that cover most of the critical diseases.
Travel Insurance Plans
Enjoy your vacations and travel worry-free after getting our travel insurance solutions.
General Liability Insurance
covers common business risks like customer injury, customer property damage, and advertising injury.
All Types of Vehicles Covered
We provide a variety of marine, RV and ATV insurance plans for you to choose from.


At Multiple Insurance Services, our team can help you with both big and small claims. We can guide you through the process and ensure that it is smooth and hassle-free. We can also offer referrals in case you need home repairs or vehicle repairs.

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