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Health Insurance

Health Insurance in Vancouver Covering Critical Diseases and Accidents

Our changing lifestyles, hectic work and food habits can impact our and our family’s health. It is always best to be prepared for the future by investing in the right health insurance. Our team understands that medical care can be expensive and may seriously hamper your savings. That is why we offer quality and affordable health insurance solutions that cover a variety of mental and physical health issues. We serve customers in Vancouver, around the Lower Mainland and surrounding cities of British Columbia. Please get in touch with Multiple Insurance Services in Vancouver now for more details about our health insurance plans.

Group Insurance

If you are part of an employee group, society or a professional association and are looking for group insurance, look no further and reach out to us. Our team will understand your individual and collective requirements, analyze potential risks and suggest suitable plans for the entire group.

Individual Insurance

Accidents and illnesses can happen when we least expect them. One must be well-equipped financially to handle such unforeseen situations. By investing in health care insurance, you can protect yourself and your family from the financial cost that you may incur due to your illness. We offer a wide range of health insurance plans. We will help you find individual insurance plans that will provide you cover against hospitalization expenses, medical, surgical, prescription drug, dental expenses, post-hospitalization charges and more, depending upon the plan you choose.

Insure Your Ultimate Wealth- Your Health!

Multiple Insurance Services offer health insurance plans that will cover massive treatment charges and protect your and your family’s health.

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